About Us

Our Mission

We offer the best industrial solutions with the highest quality standards required by our clients, from deep knowledge of their needs, as well as constant learning of their evolution.

The foregoing implies a commitment to human capital and partners, with the purpose of integrating its scope and objectives, providing a maximization of its profits, certainty, transparency and honesty.

All of this is accomplished in the context of a community that requires at a minimum regulatory compliance.

Our Vision

Through methodologies for understanding market needs and setting quality standards that exceed customer expectations, CARBO Industrial will establish itself over the next 5 years as the entity that leads the supply of industrial solutions in the region. Paso Del Norte.

The foregoing through a human capital's a development system, which commits the economic agents linked to the company towards a common objective, offering in a return the full satisfaction of their expectations, as well as being a participant in the consolidation of the communities where sustain operations.

Workflow Process


  1. ● Production area 1200 m2.
  2. ● Administration offices 400 m2.
  3. ● ● Production area 1200 m2.
  4. ● Parking lot 800 m2.